Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

Imagine you’re a high school history teacher ready to take your class on an awesome field trip to explore historic Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg! Since your group is pretty big, you decide a charter bus is the way to go. You get quotes from several bus companies and find a great rate of $250 per hour for a 56-passenger charter bus. Your trip will last about 10 hours, plus you’d like to build in some extra time for meals and exploring. All in all, your bus rental costs around $3,000 for the day.

Example #2:

A large engineering firm in Richmond is planning their annual corporate retreat for 75 employees. They want to arrange group transportation to take their team from their office to a conference center outside the city for team building activities. Given the size of their group, they decide to rent a 56-passenger charter bus for the day. The charter bus company quotes them $250 per hour, with a minimum of 4 hours. This covers pickup from their office at 8am, the 30 minute drive to the retreat location, return transportation at 5pm, plus team gratuity. In total, their corporate retreat transportation costs $1,200. The engineering firm appreciates having the entire staff transported together, allowing them to coordinate arrival times. The charter bus provides a comfortable ride with A/C, space for small group discussions during the commute, and avoids the need to reimburse staff for mileage. Given the special occasion, the company feels the charter bus services are well worth the expense.

Example #3:

The varsity football team at a Richmond high school is heading to the state championship three hours away in Virginia Beach. The athletic director books a 56-passenger charter bus to transport the team, coaches, and staff. He gets a quote for $350 per hour, with an eight hour minimum. This covers pickup in Richmond at 6 AM, the drive to Virginia Beach, plus transportation during their stay for team meals and activities. For the big game day, the charter bus shuttles the team to the stadium and back to the hotel afterwards. The total rental time is ten hours. With the 200% tip for excellent service, the total cost comes to $3,500. The school splits this between the football boosters budget and the district’s transportation funds. Everyone arrives and has a great time at the state tournament.

Example #4:

A group of 10 friends from Washington, D.C. decide to take a day trip to Richmond for a Saturday of brewery tours. They rent a 14 passenger party bus for the day to shuttle them around to various breweries in the area—the bus comes equipped with luxury seats, Bluetooth speakers, mood lighting, and more to set the perfect atmosphere. They book the Richmond party bus for 10 hours from 10am to 8pm at a rate of $250 per hour, totaling $2,500. The bus picks them up in D.C. and drops them back off at the end of the night. With the Richmond party bus rental, they are able to visit 4 different local breweries throughout the day and have a designated team to shuttle them around the city. At the end of the day, they tip their party bus team 15% for excellent service, bringing their total trip cost to $2,875 for 10 people—just $287 per person for a full day of transportation and brewery tours in Richmond.

Example #5:

Maria and John planned a large wedding in Richmond with over 200 guests. They wanted to arrange transportation for their wedding party and guests between the hotel, ceremony, and reception venues. They booked a 30-passenger luxury coach for the wedding party at a rate of $250 per hour. This included a personal attendant, leather seats, music, and lighting. The coach picked up the wedding party at the hotel at 2 PM and took them to take photos around Richmond before the 5 PM ceremony. The total cost was $1,000. They also rented a 56-passenger coach as a shuttle between the hotel and ceremony/reception for guests, charged at $220 per hour. The shuttle made loops from 12-5 PM and then 6-11 PM. With 9 hours total, the cost was $1,980. Maria and John spent $2,980 total on wedding transportation but their guests raved about the easy logistics.

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